von Klopotek Glowczewski Family History
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Welcome to the von Klopotek Glowczewski Family History and Ancestry website. The major lines being researched are: von Klopotek-Glowczewski, von Klopotek, Klopatek; von Cyszewska; Cisewski; von Trzebiatowska; Ochendal; Jedrzyczka; Andryczka; Tomaszewski, and von Lenczinska

My journey began with my grandparents, Nicholas Klopotek and Veronica Tomaszewska who are my bridge between America and Poland. Both were lifelong residents of Portage, County, Wisconsin. It was there that they made their living as farmers; where Nick was often found playing the fiddle at local weddings and celebrations; and where Veronica ran a household of 12 children.

Nick's parents were Martin von Klopotek Glowczewski and Victoria von Cisewska, both of Glˇwczewice, Poland. They were married in Glˇwczewice, on 18 Feb 1854, and immigrated to the United States fourteen years later via Canada on the ship, Liebig in the year 1868. It appears that they may have stayed in Canada for a year or two before making their way to Portage County.

Martin's parents were Martinus von Klopotek Glowczewski and Katarina von Stypp Rekowska of Glˇwczewice, Poland. He was the grandson of John and Suzanna von Klopotek Glowczewski of Glˇwczewice, Poland.

Victoria's parents were Jozef von Cisewski and Magdelena von Lenczinska of Glˇwczewice, Poland.

Veronica's parents were Rosalia Ochendal Andryczka, of Lubiewo, Poland and Piotr Tomaszewski. Piotr began his journey to the US in 1873 on the ship, Wyoming, and unfortunately his first wife, Rose Nitka did not survive the journey. He came in through the port of New York and made his way to Portage County, Wisconsin where he met Rosalia.

There are many wonderful, poignant, and comedic family stories and as time permits I will be adding them to the site.

Witamy! Enjoy your stay, please contact me with updated or corrected family information, or just drop a line to say hello.

Anastasia Bigalke Tomaszewski and Unknown Woman
Anastasia Bigalke Tomaszewski and Unknown Woman

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The photo section is just beginning. If you have family photos that you would like to share, simply email a copy or contact me and I'd be delighted to add them.

Veronica's Side Nicholas' Side
Veronica Tomaszewski
Nick Klopek


Current research is focused in Glˇwczewice, Poland 1700-2003.

My top Most Wanted is a search in Lubiewo, Poland 1700-1850 for grandparents, parents and siblings of Rosalia Ochendal Jedrzyczka Tomaszewska, Lucasz Jedrzyczka (Andryczka), and Piotr Tomaszewski.

This site is a work in progress and while every effort has been made to verify information, errors do occur. You are encouraged to use the information here as a springboard for your own research.

I'd like to thank Betty Martz, Myron Felckowski, and Shirley Mask for crossing the bridge before me, and helping me find the way.

Jane Rock Costanza

The following are some great resources for Polish Ancestry research:

Portage County Historical Society
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Wilno Heritage Society
Wisconsin Historical Society
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Cities and Municipalities in Poland
Polish Genealogical Society of America
Polish GenWeb
Poznan Marriage Indexing Project
Family Search.org

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von Klopotek Glowczewski Family History by Jane Rock Costanza.

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